PART I : Travel and Grab A Taste Of The Following Beer From Each State In The US

The annual National Beer Day came and went, but that doesn’t make it illegal to savor the best beer from every state. They work fine when you would like to unwind with a crisp, cold glass after a long day. The list is a portion of what was originally done by and if you would love to take your love for beer to the next level, why don’t you try each of them?

Part #1


We go for a glass of Unobtanium, English-styled ale. This #1 beer in Alabama is aged for six months and released on a very limited capacity. You can visit their brewery in Huntsville and see how this kind of amazing whiskey is aged in a bourbon barrel.


The best things aren’t overly available, and that applies to Alaskan Brewing Company beer that’s only available in a limited “vintage” of the maker’s trademark smoked porter once every year. The beer is not wine, but comes in a special glass similar to that.


In this state, we have Wilderness’ Superstition Coffee Stout, a beer that has a sweet aroma. The beer is steeped using coffee beans and vanilla, and, expectedly, has lots of enthusiasts.


With a slight taste of bitterness, Diamond Bear Brewing rank top among the best beers in Arkansas. Alongside the slight bitterness, the beer’s lovely roasted caramel malt makes it great.


Once here, just order a glass of Firestone Walker’s XX Anniversary Ale. You’ll love the toffee and caramel flavors.


In this state, Nightmare on Brett with a ruby-red sour taste is the best.


From Thomas Hooker Brewery is a rich, filling doppelbock favorite as Liberator.


On the boozy side of Delaware, grab a pint of Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron.


With a smoky taste, barrel-aged Morning Wood Imperial Porter is the best to drink as you travel around Florida.


If you have been to this state, then you must have tasted some Creature Comforts’ fruity, citrus-heavy beer called Tropicália.


Coconut Hiwa Porter is the best beer in Hawaii, whether you love any of the dark malt, chocolate or coffee varieties.


Brewed first in 2009, Grand Teton Brewing Double Vision Doppelbock is the leading beer in Idaho.


The leading President Obama’s backyard of Chicago, but aged in Kentucky is Goose Island’s Bourbon County Barleywine beer.


A medium-bodied, single-hop pale beer, Three Floyds Zombie Dust is our best selection in Indiana.


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